wpid-img_20150517_213705.jpgRecently we went on a bit of a Toronto Booze Hound pub crawl in the west end. We hit up a bunch of great places that I am sure we will talk about soon but one of the great spots we hit up was Toronto Distillery Co.

While there we had a great conversation and we were shown some of the interesting upcoming products. We also got a chance to taste their Beet Spirit – a totally organic spirit made from nothing but beets and hard work.

We were told that they rented out a piece of organic farm land to grow the sugar beets just for this spirit. I must admit it was a smart gamble they made.

The beet spirit sits at 40% and can only be purchased at Toronto Distillery Co in the Junction. It cost’s $39.50 for a 375ml bottle.

Appearance: Completely clear. Looks like water. Filtered.
Aroma: Fresh beets, lots of earthiness. Smells like a farm. Sweet.
Taste: Very sweet. Less earthy. Very bright and light on the tongue. Light dirt flavour late in the taste. Fresh apples and coffee come in at the end.
Aftertaste: Earthy and long.
Overall: This drink is a bit of a journey. The earthy smell then the light mouth feel and sweet taste surprise. Its very pleasant.

Kole McRae

One comment on “Beet Spirit by Toronto Distillery Co, a Review

  • I wonder if the earthiness would change if you continued to distill it or used another variety of beet. I’m not big on purple beets but golden beets or chioggia (candy cane) can be eaten raw with a cleaner, sweeter taste.

    Thanks for a look at this.

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