We live in the West End of Toronto and because of this we have a pretty regular path we take that goes through Rainhard, Junction Craft, Toronto Distillery Co and Indie Ale House. During our most recent round of this trip we picked up a bottle of Apple Jack by Toronto Distillery Co. Jesse has… Read More

Recently we went on a bit of a Toronto Booze Hound pub crawl in the west end. We hit up a bunch of great places that I am sure we will talk about soon but one of the great spots we hit up was Toronto Distillery Co. While there we had a great conversation and… Read More

Toronto boasts a Distillery District, but the story of Toronto’s newest distillery takes place in an industrial corner of the Junction, near the Stockyards. Toronto Distillery Co is Toronto’s first new distillery to jump through the licensing hoops since 1933, not long after the temperance movement fizzled in Ontario. As a testament to the fact that… Read More