You may be thinking: is that some sort of forced perspective magic with your photo, or is that really a huge bottle of whisky.

The truth is the latter. It’s pandemic time and that calls for something large that can last a bit.

Luck would have it that of the large format options out there, Forty Creek’s Barrel Select is one of them. Making me feel like the world isn’t such a horrible place in reality.

I say that because I actually enjoy Forty Creek. Don’t let the low price tag fool you, it’s actually made at a surprisingly high standard.

Barrel Select is their flagship whisky. Sadly they don’t divulge what grains are used in the mix (Cough, probably a good amount of corn, cough) but they do say that it is aged in bourbon barrels and American white oak. No mention on for how long but to be called a Canadian Whisky it must be for at least 3 years.

You can purchase a bottle through the LCBO (delivery available as of this writing!) for $62.45 and it sits at the standard 40% ABV.

Appearance: Perfect golden hue. Probably uses colouring. Thick legs.
Aroma: Dates and honey with some grapes at the end.
Taste: Honey first then an alcohol bite. Opens up a bit and gets more apple like. Purse apple Shawna would call it.
Aftertaste: Belly warming.
Overall: Inexpensive and inoffensive. Comes in a 1.75L bottle so that makes me happy. Pair with anything you can still get your hands on!

Kole McRae

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