A few nights ago we tried out the brand spanking new Duggan’s brewpub. We’ll be doing a thorough review of that place but shortly after visiting we headed over to the Rhino. The Rhino is one of my favourite pubs in the city, mostly due to it’s massive beer list. At the Rhino I had… Read More

It’s been getting quite cold out there and with the temperature dropping my palate tends to change a bit. I go from craving IPAs and blondes to absolutely NEEDING anything smoked and as black as my soul. In comes Blacksmith Smoked Porter by Highlander Brew Co. I am definitely stretching our definition of ‘Toronto’ when… Read More

Not too long ago I participated in an #onbeerchat on twitter. If you haven’t before, give it a try. It’s every Tuesday at 8pm EST and lasts for an hour. We discuss various topics to do with Ontario beer and fun is had by all. We’re hosting tonight’s chat (November 25) on glassware. One of… Read More

Important Notice: The beer used in this review was given to us free by the brewery. This will not affect the review but we want to keep our readers as informed as possible. I first experienced Sweetgrass’s Golden Ale last year during a ’12 Beers of Christmas’ event at the Gladstone. They were giving away samples while… Read More