It’s possible you’ve gotten used to getting your daily dose of booze news and reviews from us over the past few months and we love that you have. We promise to continue getting you exciting developments in the local booze world, reviews of the local craft beers, whiskeys and the like but we do need to take SOME time to be with our family.

It’s Festivus and we need to air some grievances with them.

With that in mind we are heading to Montreal for a couple days.

We’ll have a few posts go live while we are gone, but we will not be fully available until we get back.

The good news is that when we are in Montreal we will be enjoying some of the local favourites, which gave us an idea:

We’ll post a road trip series when we get back!

Reviews of some of what Montreal has to offer.

Thanks for joining us here on Toronto Booze Hound and we can’t wait to get to know you better as the new year begins.

From: Kole and Shawna.

Kole McRae

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