Ah, a glorious sour beer. Not my usual choice in the winter, but it works so well for Chanukah. Pairs wonderfully with the fat of the latkes, and will keep uncle Shlomo out of your beer fridge. Also pairs well with a mother asking when you will give her grandkids now that you’re married.

On a cold Thursday evening recently, we took our doggo out for his evening walk and impulsively jumped on the streetcar for a dogventure to visit Rainhard for a beer or two before they closed for the evening. They had just tapped Revolution #7 Sour Ale with Blood Oranges, and Green Monster Double Dry-Hopped IPA with Lactose, and they felt pretty Chanukah-y to me. The doggo spent the visit relaxing on the floor of the brewery, making friends with the other patrons. Seems like he was in the holiday spirit, with his blinking green collar. The Revolution series is a series of one-off delicious experimental beers from our mad-scientist friends at Rainhard Brewing.

Jordan Rainhard gave us one of our #8BeersOfChanukah last year, so we thought we would pay it forward and buy one of them this year. Unfortunately, I snagged a bottle of this 5% beauty after I had a few glasses, so I’m not sure what the cost is. For accuracy’s sake, I think it was around six-ish dollars, and perfect to bet on while you’re playing all your dreidl games. It’s mouth-puckeringly nom nom tastic. Just don’t let uncle Shlomo know.

Appearance: Unfiltered light copper colour with deep orange hues. Lingering white head.

Aroma: Dense citrus peel notes, blood orange, tangerine and lime rinds. Cereal.

Taste: Puckeringly sour on the palate, with salty and sour blood orange finish. Heavy blood orange flavour, very tart and acidic on the palate.

Aftertaste: Short finish, no lingering flavours. Very clean.

Food pairing: It’s Chanukah. Serve with latkes. Obviously. The tartness balances fatty foods in a beautiful way.

Overall: I prefer sours in the summer due to the heat, but it works in the Chanukah and Christmas season to contrast the fatty foods you’ll be eating. I’m sold.

Shawna O'Flaherty

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