PictureLet’s get this out of the way at the very beginning: the boys at Sawdust City like to go a bit over the top with their names. This one may not seem so bad at first but let me highlite something for you:

This beer is made with cranberries.

The beer is called Until Tomorrow Ingrid.

It actually took me a while to notice that.

This is a barrel aged saison with locally sourced cranberries. We shared a bottle with friends in numerous styles of glasses.

Sadly it seems bottles are now sold out, but it may be back next year. It sits at 5.7% ABV.

Appearance: Light brown with thick white head.
Aroma: Cranberry and sour.
Taste: Super sour but it matures on the pallet into more of a bready taste.
Aftertaste: Short and dry. A bit salty. The barrel.
Overall: Complex but a bit too sour, which obviously is up to the tasters preference.

Kole McRae

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