We are pretty good friends with the people over at Old Tomorrow. Meaning we have a pretty heavy bias in their favour. I do honestly love their Monty’s Ryed ale, regardless of that bias!

We see them quite often around Toronto and every time I see them I always say I’m going to taste the lagered ale and somehow every time it turns out to be a lie.

Finally, this weekend I was able to try it!

Track 85 is a lagered ale. This means it was brewed as an ale but then fermented in cold temperatures. This generally makes a beer lighter in body but still flavourful.

You can find Track 85 at the LCBO for $2.95 and it sits at 4.5% ABV.

Appearance: Gold and brown. Thick white head. Filtered.
Aroma: Very light. Steamed bun. Slight apple.
Taste: Soft mouth feel. Pizza dough and apples. The slightest hint of tropical bitterness.
Aftertaste: Short and dry. Almost none to it.
Overall: Easy drinking and enjoyable. Have some on a patio this summer!

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