unnamedI first encountered Muskoka’s Summerweiss while on a camping trip. We stopped at their brewery on the way to Algonquin and picked up the Survival Pack. I instantly fell in love with the Weiss, it just fit camping so perfectly.

One of my favourite parts of what beers is the use of a unique yeast that gives the beer a very sweet banana like flavour. This when combined with the spicy wheat flavour is just amazing.

This is easily one of my favourite beers at the moment, I’ll be sad to see it go at the end of the summer. We really need more wheat beers!

Summerweiss is available at the LCBO in the Muskoka Survival Pack as well as in cans. The survival pack comes to $25.95. The beer itself sits at 5% ABV.

Appearance: Deep orange with a nice white head. Unfiltered.
Aroma: Spicy wheat hits the nose first and then sweet banana balances it out.
Taste: More of that banana but it is well balanced with the wheat. I am loving this flavour. A bit of hops at the end for a little bitterness.
Aftertaste: Sweet malts.
Overall: A wonderful summer sipper.
Kole McRae

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