Over the weekend we decided to do a bit of a taste test. We had a bottle of Italian limoncello that Shawna had picked up during a trip to the beautiful country a while back along with a bottle made by Dillon’s. Limoncello is a traditional spirit made mostly with lemons and a few aromatics… Read More

To begin this review I think I should explain the name. A “graspa” isn’t actually a thing that exists. It is a term made up by Vieni Estates for their version of a Grappa. Much like champagne, the term Grappa can only be applied to spirits made in Italy. This “graspa” has had chili peppers… Read More

We live in the West End of Toronto and because of this we have a pretty regular path we take that goes through Rainhard, Junction Craft, Toronto Distillery Co and Indie Ale House. During our most recent round of this trip we picked up a bottle of Apple Jack by Toronto Distillery Co. Jesse has… Read More