On a rainy day on our way to Blood Brothers we made a stop at a tiny little distillery called Yongehurst. They are just getting started but already they have a wide range of products. We decided to give the Lost River Triple Sec a try.

The name is a reference to Toronto’s lost rivers. Rivers that were once roaring that are now underground for the most part. We used to live above Garrison Creek, and I must say – the flooding every spring reminded us that it was there, even if we couldn’t see it the rest of the year.

Generally triple sec is used as a mix in a cocktail but for this review I had it straight in a rocks glass. Keep that in mind while reading the tasting notes.

The triple sec sits at 40% ABV and is currently only available direct from the brewery. Check it out!

Here are the tasting notes:

Appearance: Clear with long slow legs.
Aroma: Bubblegum and oranges. Bit of cherry.
Taste: Tangerine at first and the Bubblegum is more hidden. Tiny bit of graininess on the back of the tongue. A hint of carrot.
Aftertaste: Lingering tangerine.
Overall: Perfect for mixing but I like it straight. A little on the sweet side.

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