To begin this review I think I should explain the name. A “graspa” isn’t actually a thing that exists. It is a term made up by Vieni Estates for their version of a Grappa.

Much like champagne, the term Grappa can only be applied to spirits made in Italy.

This “graspa” has had chili peppers and maple syrup added to the mix, giving it a very unique flavour profile.

I enjoyed this with a good friend that had come from out of town for a weekend and a good time was had by all. This is most definitely a sipper and a single glass can last quite some time.

It sits at 43% ABV and is only available from the estate. It comes to $59.95 a bottle for 700ml.

Appearance: Platinum colour.
Aroma: Vanilla, chille pepper, confected cherries.
Taste: Confected cherry still, Maple syrup, vanilla.
Aftertaste: Syrup burn.
Overall: Very unique and tasty. I wouldn’t really pair this with any food save a very light dessert or maybe just some strawberries on their own.

Kole McRae

Founder of Toronto Booze Hound. He can be seen drinking almost anything in the wild from beer to rum. Try not to startle him, he may use humour as a self defence method.


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