Blood Brothers has really surprised people since their opening not too long ago. The consistently high quality coming out the rather small work space has been impressive to say the least. We stop by on a pretty regular basis to try out their newest wares. Recently we grabbed a bottle of Horse Face IPA, almost… Read More

We only recently discovered the people at Orange Snail Brewers during the Ontario Brewing Awards. It seemed they had won last year and were going for another win! Sadly they didn’t win an award, but certainly won our hearts (awwww!) Shortly after the awards we had a family function in Guelph. It just so happens Milton… Read More

If you haven’t noticed yet, we are huge fans of Rainhard. Everything they make is a hit with us (so far!) so we were really excited to hear that they were working together with Beaus on a black IPA! While we haven’t fallen in love with some of Beaus more experimental affairs, we do believe… Read More