Beaus Strong Patrick Irish Red AleIf you’re like me, you’re overwhelmed by the pressure of the holiday season. Instead, I look for smaller, less intense celebrations to break the year into manageable victories. Well friends, here is one of the many – FeBREWary. For the last few years, Beaus All Natural Brewing Co. has used this entire month to launch a selection of beers that bring us joy for the entire year. The only downside is FeBREWary is the shortest month of the year!

My job enables me to travel to different unique events across Ontario, and this past weekend, it brought me to Winterlude in Ottawa. I picked up a bottle of Strong Patrick at a local LCBO in downtown Ottawa and enjoyed it in my hotel room right before lacing up my skates and taking a long haul down the Rideau Canal. Needless to say, the heightened ABV of this beer kept me nice and toasty in the -38 degree air, therefore proving the theory that this is a perfect late winter beverage!

Strong Patrick is a strong brewed ode to an Irish Red Ale. Part of the batch has been aged in wheat whiskey barrels and then blended back in to add some wonderful wood tones and smoothness.

Ready and waiting to be enjoyed for St. Patricks Day (or whenever your heart desires), Beaus All Natural Strong Patrick Ale packs an ABV of 6.7% and is available at the LCBO in 600ml Bottles for $7.95 or can be tried on tap at over 150 feBREWary participants [view the list here].


Appearance: Dark amber, creamy head, smooth carbonation.

Aroma: subtle toffee aroma, a touch bit grassy, and wafting notes of oak

Taste: Once again, another Red Ale with that smooth copper flavour, warm bread malts, definite oak body, and subtle vanilla.

Aftertaste: Surprisingly mild for a strong beer. I found that the malt and oak flavour was front heavy, leaving a really light hop finish with some very faint whiskey spice.

Strong Patrick Ale is a remarkable Irish Red Ale. That 6.7% ABV will ensure that your St. Patricks Day celebrations will be authentic – enjoy responsibly and always arrange for a safe way home if you are planning to make an Irish exit.


Cheers Friends!

Kirk Macdonald
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