We cover Social Lite a lot here – it’s not because of some sponsorship deal, trust us, no one gives us money for this little blog. It’s because they came along, saw that pre-mixed drinks all seemed to be made to taste like candy and actually made an enjoyable pre-mix that isn’t pure sugar.

Thus enters their brand new range of spiked iced tea. They saw an area that was filled with over sugared, super sweet style teas that had a bit of vodka to make them adult and showed those companies what an adult drink should actually taste like.

Using brewed black tea, a hint of peaches and some simple soda, they have made another fantastic product that I will for sure be taking on future camping trips or just having in the backyard while watching the birds and my dog play.

Other than the flavour there is one other great side-affect of having no added sugar: low calories. That big can pictured above is only 100 calories, which I presume comes entirely from the vodka they add.

You can purchase a can at the LCBO for $2.95. Like all their products it’s quite light on the alcohol with a sessionable 3.8% ABV.

Appearance: Brown with no head and cloudy.

Aroma: Confected peach and black tea.

Taste: Iced tea hits first and you get the tannins from that. The peach is subtle and not too sweet.

Aftertaste: The bitterness of the tea. Like a slightly oversteeped tea which is what you do for iced tea typically.

Overall: Quite good, very light on booze and calories. Perfect for the summer.

Kole McRae

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