PictureOn a recent trip to Wvrst I was able to get my hands on a beer from Stack Brewing.

We haven’t actually talked much about Stack here but they are a small brewery based out of Sudbury. Currently their ‘Saturday Night’ is available at the LCBO.

As I have said before and will say again, I absolutely love anything that has touched wood, so the ‘oak’ part of the name got my attention. I ALSO love smoked beers, so the ‘smoke’ part did as well. Lets just say I got a little too excited when I saw that this was available.

This beer sits at 5% ABV and is not available at the LCBO.

Appearance: Dark brown with thick off white head. Unfiltered maybe.
Aroma: Light smoke. Cooking smoke, not campfire. Cheese undertones.
Taste: Lightly smoked and malt heavy. Making it sweet and smokey like a barbecue. Can taste just a hint of the oak.
Aftertaste: Almost none.
Overall: Quite good. I love smoke.

Kole McRae

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