Last time we got a chance to try Dixon’s was several years ago when we went through Guelph on our way to my sister’s wedding. We quickly fell in love with their offerings! That’s why when I noticed that their Vodka had made it to the LCBO (though under the new moniker of “Silvercreek”) I had to snatch up a bottle and review it.

While I technically “reviewed” this vodka it has a new name now and probably tastes different as they are always refining their recipes.

They don’t seem to be trying to make this vodka really stand out in terms of flavour on it’s own, instead electing to be more pallet pleasing as a mixer. Making it with corn alone and carbon filtering it, giving it a light and clean taste.

We had this straight for the tasting notes below but we also very much enjoyed it in various cocktails such as a fantastic caesar that used Walter’s Caesar Mix.

You can find Silvercreek Vodka at the LCBO for $29.95 a bottle and it sits at the normal 40%.

Appearance: Totally clear. Long legs.
Aroma: Brown sugar. Bananas and other tropical fruit. Carrots.
Taste: Alcohol burn hides a sugary base. Like candy corn and Bananas. A hint of spice, possibly black pepper.
Overall: Inexpensive and great for mixing. Keeps things simple and doesn’t take the spotlight from whatever you put it into.

Kole McRae

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