PictureThe guys behind Refined Fool Brewing are a unique group. They are a relatively new brewery on the scene and yet they go for some of the most unique flavour combinations I’ve seen.

The ‘Short Pier, Long Walk’ is a Double IPA, a challenging brew to distinguish yourself with when you are going up against the likes of Witchshark or Cockpuncher. 

They describe this beer as walking on a pier and wishing it would go on forever. A unique way to describe a beer…

This bottle is available at the LCBO for $9 and it sits at a heavy 8.4% ABV.

Appearance: Dark gold colour with snowy white head that stays.
Aroma: Pure hops. Citrus and tropical combined. Mango and lemon. Bit of pepper.
Taste: Much more lemon and spice, way less tropical. Tiny but of bread in the malt.
Aftertaste: Lingering sweetness.
Overall: Great and best on its own.

Kole McRae

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