I’m going to be completely honest with you. The fine folks at Sawdust City make my favourite Ontario beer of all time, The Long Dark Voyage to Uranus. I’ve chosen bars simply because there was a glimmer of hope that they might have a bottle kicking around or one of their brews on tap.

The Lone Pine IPA was previously available in a 650 ml bottle, since discontinued. I had to contain my excitement when I found a lovely stack of cans kicking around last week at the LCBO, and resist the urge to buy them all. Lone Pine IPA is one of Sawdust City’s core brands, and it gets the distinction of being a west-coast style IPA that does not use the ever-popular Cascade hops. At $3.25 for a tall boy, this 6.5% IPA packs a party in a can – and you’re invited! And you! And you! But not you. Well, ok, you can come too, but bring your own beer.

Sawdust City is from Gravenhurst, ON on Lake Muskoka, so I’m stretching my Toronto boundaries again, but it’s a good excuse for a road trip next summer to go camping.

We split this between 2 people in a balloon glass, cause that’s what we use for tasting. Sharing is caring, right?


Appearance: Rich opaque colour. Unfiltered appearance, reminded me of apple cider (not the adult kind).

Aroma: Hello there hops, how are you today? Did you bring your friend hops with you? Nice fruity aroma from the hops – possibly mango and grapefruit? Wait, did that mango just punch me?

Taste: This one had a dry mouth feel with hops, hops and more hops. Hop heads, rejoice! Additional citrus flavours at the back of the mouth, a little bitter for the finish. This lovely IPA uses 4 delicious malts (2-Row, Carafoam, Crystal 45, Caramunich) and 4 delicious hops (Summit, Columbus, Chinook and Simcoe) for a very mature tasting IPA. Lightly carbonated.

Aftertaste: Hoppity hop hop hop. This is for fans of hops, but not for everyone.

Overall: IPAs are extremely popular in Ontario right now, and they are a polarizing flavour. Us TorontoBoozeHounds really love hoppy beers and seek them out. This one is definitely on my “buy again” beer list. Not for the faint at heart, it’s worth a try at least once. I kind of wish I could keep this one all to myself.

Shawna O'Flaherty

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