Today won’t you join me in tasting a brewery you have probably not ventured to. Maclean’s Ales!

To be totally honest I have never heard of Maclean’s. That statement might give away my age as the place has been around since 1993! According to the website it makes them the first independent craft brewer in Ontario.

The beer itself is brewed in Grey County, Ontario. A place I certainly have never been to.

According to the story the brewmaster went to the UK and motorcycled across the country. At one point he had run out of money and was given a chance to work for a brewpub in England. This is where he learned to love brewing. When he came back to Canada he started the brewery.

You can find a bottle of the Pale Ale at the LCBO. It sits at 5.2% ABV and is $3.60 for the bottle pictured in our photo.

On to our tasting notes!

Appearance: Amber and dark brown. Thin head. Filtered and clear.
Aroma: Cherry and dark malt. Light fruitiness
Taste: bit smokey with light cherry. A very nice blend of the malt and hops. Light mouth feel. Little grassy.
Aftertaste: is just the hops. Malt is hiding.
Overall: smooth and tasty. Nicely balanced.

Kole McRae

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