During a recent SOBDL event Shawna spun a wheel and won a free tour from the guys behind the Backyard Beer Tour. I decided to tag along and below are my thoughts on the new brewery tour in Toronto. A few important notes: We have been on numerous beer and alcohol tours around the world including… Read More

It’s ALIVE! ALIVE I TELL YOU! After a huge amount of work I have finally finished the very first episode of the Toronto Booze Hound Podcast! The first episode is on Canadian Club. I talk about the history, how it’s made and give you lots of fun little bits of info you probably didn’t know… Read More

Today won’t you join me in tasting a brewery you have probably not ventured to. Maclean’s Ales! To be totally honest I have never heard of Maclean’s. That statement might give away my age as the place has been around since 1993! According to the website it makes them the first independent craft brewer in… Read More