Not too long ago we went on an epic journey. The main point of the trip was to take a look at a potential dog we might rescue but along the way we hit every brewery we could.

One of those breweries was The Publican House in Peterborough. While they are a relatively small brewery you can find a few of their offerings at the better LCBO’s.

They put that they won a gold medal at the Ontario Brewery Awards, and they did, but it was for their House ale, not the stout.

This seems to be a seasonal offering so I am not sure when they will be out of it. With that in mind you might want to head there now before it’s gone for a year!

This beer sadly does not seem to be at the LCBO (yet!) but it can be purchased in a can or growler at the brewery.

Appearance: Pitch black with about a fingers worth of off-white head.
Aroma: Roasted malts that hint at chocolate and espresso. Vanilla as well.
Taste: Hints of espresso and chocolate just like the aroma. Very soft mouth feel. Just a hint of the hops. Some roasted nuts as well, maybe walnuts.
Aftertaste: This is where the bitter hops gets you. A nice dry finish.
Overall: A good stout. Would buy again.

Kole McRae

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