We can sometimes be a bit mean. It’s rare, but it does happen, especially when we get constantly spurned by a brand. One of those brands is Trafalgar.

If you look at the related posts below you’ll see that we have yet to give them a glowing or even positive review. They always seemed to have quality control issues. In an industry heavily focused on consistency, that can be a death knell. Somehow though, Trafalgar just kept on existing.

All this to say: I am giving it another go.

It helps that Trafalgar has been purchased by All or Nothing, a brand that had a few issues getting itself known after being sued for their previous name (Underdog), but has at least always had consistent quality. Have they turned the place around? Let’s find out!

Masala Chai Mead is another in a long line of meads and braggots by Trafalgar – which seems to be the line of products that sets them apart in the craft beer industry, mostly just because no one else is really making them.

From what I can find the product is made by mixing their standard mead with a chai tea. I can’t find any information on where the tea is sourced from but the honey seems to be from a local producer near the brewery.

You can purchase the above pictured can at the LCBO for $3.65 and it sits at 7% ABV.

Appearance: brownish orange with no head to speak of. Filtered. They mentioned in a previous years description that it should have lots of head, it’s strange that it does not have any.
Aroma: Cane sugar hits at first, then mango and apples. A bit of clove. Very complex.
Taste: Candied apple and cinnamon. Very sweet and sugary. Coats the whole mouth, super thick mouth feel. Alcohol burn.
Aftertaste: The cane sugar stays until the end. Not very dry.
Overall: Too sweet for my taste and missing some of the spiciness I was hoping for.

Kole McRae

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