Behold, another review I have been sitting on for far too long! In honour of it being La fête nationale in my home province today, I thought I’d celebrate the start of the summer season and Toronto entering Stage 2 today with a seasonally appropriate beer from the baseball, beer and dog-loving folks over at Left Field Brewery. They are currently offering curbside shopping from 12-8 pm daily, and free delivery within Toronto for orders over $50. We had a delightful contact-free delivery, and Kole made quick work of trying to drink my whole purchase before I had even set it down.

Lo Viste Mojito Sour retails for $13.80 for a 4 pack of 355 mL cans, and won’t leave your head spinning in the sun with an ABV of 4.2%. Inspired by the Mojito cocktail, this brew is a good option when foraging in the alleyways for rogue mint plants for a cocktail just won’t work. A tasty hint of summer, Left Field brewed up this popular sour offering with actual lime juice and lime zest, along with a hint of spearmint. If the MLB ever figures out their season, I’m sure I’ll be sipping plenty of these in the backyard while Kole watches baseball on TV.

Left Field Brewery’s east end location on Wagstaff Road does not include a patio, so there are no plans to reopen at this time. If you are located outside of Toronto, check their website for delivery options serving the extended GTA region.

Appearance: Filtered golden colour with a long lasting snowy white head.

Aroma: Spearmint and lime zest.

Taste: Salty on the palate, but not to the same extent you will find in a gose. Light biscuity malt profile, with lime juice adding a puckering effect. I only detected mint when I inhaled while having a sip.

Aftertaste: Minty aftertaste.

Food pairing: The lime juice pushes me towards tongue-burning Thai food. Left Field recommends paring this with Tostones or Mojo Pork Bolsitas.

Overall: Great for fans of sour beers. Kole was not a huge fan of this option, but I really dug it and when I eventually cycle back to Left Field on my beer deliveries, I will be sure to include it.

Shawna O'Flaherty

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