wpid-img_20150306_161714.jpgI’m sitting at Bar Volo right now and I just noticed they have Karma Citra on tap. That means I will most definitely be ordering it so I can compare my notes from the bottle of Karma Citra I had yesterday. Comparing tap and bottle variants is always interesting!

Karma Citra is a seasonal brew by Great Lakes Brewery.

The brewer themselves say that using the citra hop is ‘almost cheating’ and I have to agree with them. It’s one of the best hops available in this fair country and the beer reflects it incredibly well.

I wish they had more information on this release on the website but sadly they do not. It looks like the beer has been available for at least a few years and is most definitely an IPA.

Beer writers have been clambering over this beer since it came out with people like Jordan St John absolutely loving it.

You can grab a bottle at the LCBO for $5.95 a bottle (pictured below) and the ABV is 6.6%.

Appearance: Unfiltered with a rich white head. I had deep gold or straw colouring.
Aroma: Lots of pine at first with a bit of melon. It’s very light and fresh and has some lime hints to it.wpid-img_20150305_204237.jpg
Taste: The pine really kicks in here and it’s much dryer than expected. You get nice earthy notes like moss and spruce. Some tangerine makes an appearance.
Aftertaste: Hardcore bitter hops. The hops overpowers everything after a bit.
Overall: A wonderful show piece for the Citra hops. I’m in love with this beer.

Kole McRae

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