With things being the way they are, it can sometimes help to go back to flavours you love and maybe relive some happier times. One of those flavours for me is smoked peat. So in short: thank you Godspeed for making Irori, a peated scotch lager.

For those who don’t know, peat is kind of gross when you think of it. It’s a mix of various bits of vegetation that have half rotted on top of a bog. While not appealing in it’s own right, what really makes it shine is burning it.

The smoke from peat is an incredible flavouring agent that has been used by scotch distilleries in Scotland’s Islay region for centuries. When burned under malt, it imparts a very smokey and sweat flavour that any scotch drinker can identify in an instant.

This is a flavour I love.

On top of that, Bim (the owner and head brewer) has made a scotch ale… well, scotch lager. Generally these are made as an ale but I would presume by using a lager yeast and maybe even using a lagering process he has given what is traditionally a very thick and malty beer a much lighter mouth feel.

This beer was made in memory of Greg Noonan, a craft beer pioneer who inspired many of the great brewers on Earth today.

You can order this beer online through their store for delivery or when things get back to normal pick some up at the brewery itself. It sits at 8% ABV and sells for $4.50 a can.

Appearance: Dark brown and seems to be filtered which is unexpected. Almost no head.
Aroma: Peat. One of my favourite smells. Plum and over ripe apple.
Taste: Light body from the lagering but the Peat and high alcohol give it a sweet and oily mouth feel. Molasses as well.
Overall: A great tribute and goes well with the sun.
Pair with: Smoked meat or a strong blue cheese.

Kole McRae

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