PictureI’m a big fan of Innocente. It may simply be because they are from my home town of Waterloo, Ontario. The sad part is I still have not had a chance to visit them.

While at The Craft in Liberty Village (after a wonderful massage) after using my Craft Beer Passport I gave Innocente’s red ale a try. As you might remember, Shawna and I both LOVE red ales and believe our province is severely lacking in them.

This was served in a pretty normal pint glass and on draft, not from a bottle or can.

This beer is NOT available at the LCBO but it sits at 5.7% ABV.

Appearance: Very deep red. Filtered. Off white head.
Aroma: Red. Also smokey and sweet. Blood orange.
Taste: Chocolate first but quickly gets a bit more bitter. Cherry on the back bone.
Aftertaste: Hint of hops.
Overall: A great red ale and I am super happy more of these great ales are starting to show up.

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