Recently we did a walk-through and tasting with Toronto Distillery Co. The article is coming soon but while we were there we absolutely HAD to stop by Junction Craft Brewing and have a flight. You see, Junction Craft Brewing is unit 101, Toronto Distillery Co is unit 100, they literally share a wall.

During this flight (of beer) two things happened: first, I met a group of friendly people doing beer tasting across the city as a birthday event and second, I had my first ever sip of ‘Hey Porter!’ by Junction Craft Brewing.

I should mention ahead of time that I got a bottle opener from Junction, hopefully this doesn’t influence my review in any way.

Without further ado:

Appearance: Dark brown to black. Very Opaque.

Aroma: Pure chocolate with a hint of vanilla. Very sweet with a little bit of nuttiness. Caramel stands out.

Taste: Strong taste of caramel and chocolate. Much less vanilla than the smell. Hint of cherry after a few sips. Mouthfeel is very smooth, like silk.

Aftertaste: Very little but a lingering sweetness.

Overall: Very nice dark porter for the winter. Best on it’s own without any other flavours to compete with.



Kole McRae

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