Picture14-222x300I have to admit: I’ve been a fan of Spearhead for quite some time. While I am not exactly happy that they don’t say on their site who they contract brew out of, the beer itself has been consistently good.

The Hawaiian Style is a pale ale made the ‘Hawaiian way’ according to the marketing. Which basically means they add pineapples to the brewing process. While they say their whole goal is to break the rules, mixing pineapple with tropical hops can certainly seem like something that would work.

I had this at Dave’s on St Clair in a pretty normal glass. Soccer was on TV and that had me a bit riled up.

You can buy a 6-pack at the LCBO for $13.95 and each bottle sits at 6.0% ABV.

Appearance: Unfiltered and dark gold. Pure white head that stays well.
Aroma: Pineapple and banana. Very sweet with only a hint if earthy bitterness.
Taste: The malt comes in a bit here. Standard bread taste but mixes well with the tropical.
Aftertaste: just a slight bitterness. Bit grassy.
Overall: A nice but sweet pale ale.


Kole McRae

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