It seems the uh… brothers at Blood Brothers still don’t have much of a website, but lets hope it gets updated soon! to be clear: I am embarrassed by that pour in the photo. I don’t know what I was thinking. We purchased this bottle at the brewery a couple weeks ago, so age might… Read More

I love the Tank Ten series by Great Lakes. It’s always a source of high quality unique beers. As they describe it, it’s a tickle trunk for the brewers to experiment with. Though with the sizes of batches required for an LCBO order I have a feeling there isn’t much experimentation other than the beer… Read More

That photo beside this text is of the TBH Special. A beer made especially for us at Toronto Booze Hound by the folks at Fermentations. We shouldn’t feel TOO special though since every single beer made by these guys is custom to the person ordering it. The idea with Fermentations is that they brew a… Read More