PictureYou may have noticed that there was about a week there where our posts and social media went a little quiet. This was because both myself and Shawna were very busy. I myself was in Chicago at the time for a business trip.

While Chicago has an absolutely amazing beer scene (as demonstrated by the Bar Towel) I had to attend to far too much work stuff to really explore all the city had to offer.

After some hard work I was able to set aside some time to visit Half Acre Brewing.

Half Acre is a brand new micro-brewery in Chicago that has really been getting on people’s radar. I had numerous pints while there and my favourite was most certainly Space IPA. I eventually purchased a ‘Howler’ of the beer to share with Shawna here at home. Below you’ll find my tasting notes of the beer.

The bar has a very unique and ‘laid back’ atmosphere. The bartenders were very knowledgeable and I had a very lively discussion with several patrons on the quality of beer in Chicago.

The beer itself is a super hoppy IPA with an insane amount of fruit flavouring to the hops.

Appearance: Filtered and a light brown colour. Nice off white head.
Aroma: Super hoppy and very tropical. Mango and banana take hold.
Taste: A hop punch to the mouth. Going on a cosmic journey through tropical hops. Almost no malt to speak of.
Aftertaste: Surprisingly short and dry.
A wonderful journey in hops.

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