CUN0eVVWcAIf45gLast night we were invited to attend the Toronto Gourmet Food and Wine Expo. They say that they are the biggest food and drink event of the year. With what we saw and tried, we can certainly see why.

We were a bit hungry at the start of the night so the ‘food’ portion was the first thing we sought out. There were quite a few vendors selling a huge variety of treats including caviare, smoked meat, pizza and more. There was a good amount of free samples to try (or graze) but if you were a little more peckish (like we were) you could purchase food with your tickets.

The food selection was quite good and the gastro fans will certainly have plenty to try but being Boozehounds we quickly moved from food to our favourite part of the show: wine!

There was a huge amount of wines on offer from all over the world. Whether you’re an old world snob or a lover of only the best from the new world there was plenty to enjoy.

With this website we have tried A LOT of wine in our day and yet this event had a massive selection that we had never tried before.

Along with the wine there was a great local craft beer selection. We saw our friends from Old Tomorrow as well as most of the local craft brewers we love.

Well we sadly did not have enough time to join one there were plenty of guided wine tastings and cooking classes you could enjoy as well.

In the end we had a great time and will certainly be coming back next year!

Kole McRae

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