Last Straw Distillery is a brand new entrant to the ever growing list of distilleries here in Toronto. Along with Yonghurst and Toronto Distillery Co they are helping to bring craft distilling back to our great city.

I’ll do a proper overview of the entire company soon enough but for now I am reviewing one of their first products: Gin 21.

As you could probably guess, Gin 21 is the 21st iteration of the blend used to make the Gin. According to owner Don DiMonte, the final recipe was chosen by “the people”, average gin drinkers who were asked what they like. He calls it the first “crowd sourced” gin in Ontario.

Cheesy marketing speak aside, lets see if the taste holds up!

Appearance: Completely clear as expected. Quick moving tears.
Aroma: Obvious smells of juniper joined by lemon peel and pepper.
Taste: Light mouth feel with alcohol burn. Very citrussy with tangerine joining the lemon peel.
Aftertaste: Long and slow burn.
Overall: Very tasty, light and easy drinking. Loses a bit of complexity with the hardcore citrus flavours but I can see why most would enjoy that.

Kole McRae

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