wpid-img_20150428_211515.jpg Last night was a little blurry. We started it with a wine tasting and then rushed our selves over to WVRST Beer Hall to get our hands on Black Oak’s Epiphany No 2. It was a launch event and we can’t pass those up! We even did a $6 Uber trip to get there as the TTC would be too slow.

The Epiphany series of beers is a very limited release of high quality one-off beers that experiment wildly with style. You can read our review of the Epiphany No. 1 here. 

Keeping with the theme this beer is certainly unique. It is an ‘imperial’ lager, a style I’ve certainly never heard of. It’s not in the BJCP guidelines but that doesn’t make a beer any less amazing. It uses a pilsner yeast so it can certainly be called a lager but at 7.7% ABV, it just seems like the wrong name somehow.

It will be appearing in limited LCBOs soon but probably won’t last long. No info on prices just yet.

Appearance: Murky and gold. Soft head. Unfiltered.
Aroma: Light breadyness.
Taste: The bread comes out more and alcohol warmth. Some berry hints and some sour notes.
Aftertaste: Long and bitter.
Overall: An amazing and unexpected style of lager.

Kole McRae

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