We had a friend stay over recently. She was visiting from Ottawa and as a wonderful kindness she picked up some beer from Big Rig while on the way.

Disturber is a double IPA that they have called a “brother” to their Alpha Bomb IPA but I am unsure if it uses the same hop profile. This thing is a monster on the IBU, hitting 100.

I am kind of proud of the pour you can see in the photo above, damn near perfect!

This beer is only available at the brewery. It sits at a heavy 9.6% ABV. This was given to us by a friend so I am unsure on price.

Appearance: Super hazy and unfiltered. Nice heavy white head that lingers.
Aroma: Pine needles, bark, mango.
Taste: Way fruitier than the smell. Mango and tangerine. Pine sticks to your throat.
Aftertaste: Lingering pine.
Overall: Awesome! Try with fish, chicken or salad.

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