We didn’t know what to expect as we drove up what seemed to be an unmaintained forest lined road towards Belmont Lake Brewery. You see, we were on our way to a week long camping trip and had brought up the amazing OBN Bevmap. On the map was a brewery we had never heard of and whenever that happens we make an effort to check it out. 

When we arrived, our trusty dog with us, we were greeted by a group of super friendly people and lots of dogs. They were seated in a mix of plastic and metal lawn chairs around what were clearly lawn tables. Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to really relax and spend some time with the owners but we grabbed a growler of beer and headed on our way. 

Only later did we learn that the brewery is owned by British expats with the goal of making a british brewery that has a Canadian twist. 

While we were able to do a longer visit on the return journey, we didn’t write down tasting notes until we could do a proper at-home tasting with a fresh growler of their Crowe River – an easy drinking pale ale. 

You can’t find this beer anywhere other than the brewery. We would recommend making a day of it. The beer itself sits at 5.7% ABV. 

Appearance: Hazy and dirty gold. White head fades fast but may just be the age of the growler.

Aroma: Peaches and a hint of pizza dough.

Taste: Beautifully balanced. A nice peach and pineapple fruitiness that is mixed with fresh cut grass.

Aftertaste: Orange zest.

Overall: A well balanced and simple ale. Enjoyable on a hot day. Try with an arugula and walnut salad.

Kole McRae

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