IMG_20150703_183029As a bit of a gift for being in their official video (which you can enjoy by clicking here), the fine folks at the Craft Beer Passport gifted us each with a passport of our own.

We haven’t finished it yet, but I thought I would talk about my experiences with it thus far.

In a word: Awesome.

I should explain how it works first:

You go to the Craft Beer Passport site and buy a passport. It costs $20. When you get it you’ll have a list of bars that you can visit. Visit the bars and show your passport and you’ll get a beer for $2 (or more if you want a full pint) which is the lowest legal amount your allowed to charge for beer here in Ontario.

The practical effect of this is that you end up exploring a large number of bars you may not have tried before.

I was a bit hesitant at first, thinking it didn’t really add much value for $20, but since exploring I have discovered a large swath of bars I wouldn’t have know about before. Places like the Four Seven, a new place with amazing food and a very well curated craft beer list.

They are also running a contest now that involves tweeting a photo of your passport and being entered for a chance to win some free swag.

The list contains about 20 bars and I find we hit up 2 or 3 in a row as they are grouped together. I heard a rumour that the ladies from the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies hit every single bar in one epic night.

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