The annual Toronto Festival of Beer is taking place this weekend, from July 24-26 at Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place. As seasoned veterans of several seasons worth of Toronto’s Festival of Beer and assorted craft beer festivals, we have a few ideas for maximizing your enjoyment on the most glorious weekend of the year sponsored by The… Read More

As a bit of a gift for being in their official video (which you can enjoy by clicking here), the fine folks at the Craft Beer Passport gifted us each with a passport of our own. We haven’t finished it yet, but I thought I would talk about my experiences with it thus far. In… Read More

On the left there you can see the bounty of us going to far too many beer festivals. At almost every single one of them Steam Whistle is giving away these tour vouchers. We aren’t complaining though. With each tour comes free beer, so it’s a win. I should start by saying both myself and… Read More

The Old Toronto Beer Tour is an opportunity to get day drunk at finer beer establishments across the city with the added bonus of a designated driver. Kole and I had the opportunity to join the January departure as invited guests of the company. You can offer one to your loved one for $129 per person… Read More