Boneshaker is one of the more popular brews from Amsterdam. Not as famous as their blonde but since it’s inception a few years ago it has attracted a lot of fame and acclaim.

This beer was tasted at the Amterdam Brewhouse on the waterfront. I had a small glass of it along with samples of three other beers. This was the first beer I sampled and the only one I am reviewing since I believe the strong flavour of this one may have killed my tastebuds for the others. The sample was from a tap, not a cask.

Appearance: Gold and red, unfiltered so somewhat opaque.

Aroma: Straight up hops. It burns the nose a bit. This thing is a bit of a beast.

Taste: Way more hops. I’m told this thing has barley in it but I almost find that hard to believe. This is pure hops at it’s finest. It’s sweet too with some fruity hints in it.

Mouthfeel: This thing is thick, strong and ass kicking. Do not treat it lightly.

Aftertaste: Just more hops. It sticks with you. Fruity hops.

Overall: This beer is 7.2% so please drink it responsibly. The taste will be amazing for hop heads but may not appeal to those who prefer nice pilsner. I would definitely get it again as I love hops.

Kole McRae

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