I’ve got a long history with Spearhead Brewing. From sipping their beers for the first time at the Rhino pub in Parkdale, to driving by their brewery on a trip to Montreal and sadly not being able to come by because due to their restaurant on site and Ontario’s archaic food lays we couldn’t bring our doggo with us.

That’s why I was excited when I saw a brand new beer from them in the LCBO. I snatched it up in an instant.

This beer is unique.

Brewed with pure pineapple juice then hopped to 100 IBU, it’s intense, floral and perfect to help make me imagine I’m somewhere sunny rather than stuck in my house waiting out a pandemic.

You can get the Big Kahuna delivered direct from the brewery by visiting their website. Deliveries are free if you are in the Kingston area, normal shipping fees for outside of that area. The beer sits at a hefty 10% ABV and costs $5.95 per can.

Appearance: Burnt orange with a hint of white head. Seems unfiltered.
Aroma: Orange rind and fresh bread. A tiny bit of black pepper.
Taste: More orange peel and some grape. Oily mouth feel but no alcohol burn given the strength. Some honey comes from the malt.
Aftertaste: Banana surprisingly.
Overall: A big Kahuna indeed. Strong with a punch of flavour.
Pair with: Pastrami or pizza.

Kole McRae

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