wpid-img_20150103_154714.jpgI want to tell you a bit of a secret.

Lean in close, this is important.


I well…

I am only 4 years older than the Granite.

The Granite is one of my all-time favourite places in the city to visit. I am sure we will do a spotlight on it (if so, I’ll make sure to link to it here) but for now I want to focus on the beer they make.

More particularly, the Best Bitter Special.

We have to do this one as it’s one of the oldest beers they make.

Hell, it has a ‘regulars’ name. (Dry hopped.)

I had the beer on cask as part of a 4 beer flight. I really liked the OCB branding on the glass. The beer sits at just 4.5%.


Appearance: Burnt orange and clear.

Aroma: Very little but there is a hint of hops.

Taste: Mild hops with nice maltiness. Good subtle mix of the bitter and sweet. Mouth feel is very soft like water.

Aftertaste: A bit malty and earthy but not in a harsh way.

Overall: A well balanced and dignified bitter. I highely recommend it. Best on cask. Pick up a growler of it.


Kole McRae

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