PictureI absolutely love a good scotch ale. Maybe it’s my heritage shining through but one of my ultimate relaxation fantasies is to sip a scotch ale in front of a roaring fire while I read a good book. Luckily it’s a fantasy I get to experience often in real life.

Maclean’s Ales has produced a scotch ale and with their history of making great English bitters, a close enough neighbor to the scots (but don’t tell THEM that) I got really excited when I saw it first.

To set asside a few misconceptions: scotch ale has no relation to scotch other than the somewhat smokey flavours they may share. There are no spirits mixed in this beer. Though at 7.1% ABV, I can see why some might be confused.

I had this beer at a get-together with some friends over Thanksgiving. The positive vibes from my friends and relaxed atmosphere certainly heightened my enjoyment of the brew.

You can grab this ale at the LCBO for $4.50 a bottle.

Appearance: No head, filtered. Cola coloured.
Aroma: Cherries and soft Malts.
Taste: Surprisingly light. Brown sugar and molasses with berries. A bit of smokiness.
Aftertaste: Lingering and dry.
Overall: A solid scotch ale, wouldn’t recommend pairing with food. If you must try it with some red meat and other hearty things. Goes well with a roaring fire on a cold night.

Kole McRae

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