IMG_20150421_122659We were at the grand opening of Manantler a few months ago. It’s where we picked up the bottle shown here. We met them yet again at the Ontario Brewing Awards not too long ago.

And yet for some strange reason we haven’t written about them yet!

It’s time for that to change.

One of my favourite trends in the industry right now is that of the single hop ales. Brewers will make a beer recipe that will always use the same malt backbone and same instructions, but will change the hop to show off the different hop varietals. Bellwoods has the Monogamy series, Left Field does ‘Prospect’ and now Manantler!

Sadly this beer is no longer available for sale. It sits at 5.6% ABV though.

Appearance: Unfiltered dark orange beer. It has a nice thick white head.
Aroma: Very fruity hop aroma. Tropical fruits with berries mixed in. Bread like malt backbone.
Taste: Nice fresh fruit taste hits the tongue first. The malt comes in a bit later to mellow things out a bit. I get some caramel to go with the fruit. Kind of like apple and caramel snacks.
Aftertaste: Very soft, a tad bitter and sweet – it doesn’t linger very long.
Overall: A great showcase of the hop. I enjoyed it!

Kole McRae

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