Yesterday Toronto Booze Hound was gone. Anyone who tried to load it was welcomed with a friendly 404 error.

Luckily today it was back, but there was a weeks worth of posts missing.

So what the hell happened?

In simple terms the server the site was hosted on (as well as a bunch of other sites I run) blew up.

Luckily we do regular back ups of the site and today we were able to recover one of our previous weekly back ups. Which is why we lost about a week worth of data.

For the technical folks out there the issue was a piece of software on the server updated and changed all the settings including the apache settings and where the paths were.

I was able to fix things up a bit but the wordpress site wasn’t playing nice with the new configuration. I ended up having to spin up a new server and move all of my sites over.

Today it was a bit slow to get up and running due to the fun of DNS propagation.

Thank you everyone for your patience in all this. We will be back to regular posts this week.

Kole McRae

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