wpid-img_20150406_132706.jpgIt seems to be a bit of a trend: Micro-distillers really enjoy making gin. Dillon’s has a gin, as does Toronto Distillery Co and many many others across the continent.

Today I was hanging out at a favourite haunt of mine (Dave’s on St Claire) and picked up an ounce of Dillon’s Unfiltered Gin 22 to give it a try.

Gin is one of those liquors that you either love or hate. I love it, Shawna hates it. That may be a bit of a bias going into this review. I am also a huge fan of Hemingway, a man who drank more gin that you could imagine. This may sway my opinion on the drink somewhat. Not to mention Dillon’s brings the great writer up in their marketing.

Gin itself is usually made with juniper berries, it seems Dillon’s elected to make this with Niagara grapes instead. Most likely due to what is available locally (Dillon’s puts a big focus on making local products.) Generally it is distilled with botanicals to add interesting flavours and complexity. Dillon’s used a copper still to make this gin, which can give a different mouth feel and body than other stills.

You can purchase a bottle at the LCBO for $39.95 and it sits at 40% ABV.

Appearance: Completely clear, it looks like water.
Aroma: Sweet like berries and tropical fruit. They say they use 22 botanicals and I can believe them as it’s complex. Certainly some cinnamon and maybe cloves.
Taste: Even more complex than the aroma. The sweetness of the grapes is there but it’s beautifully blended. It’s hard to pick out individual flavours as they all mingle so well. A hint of anise shows up surprisingly.
Aftertaste: A lingering sweetness.
Overall: A well blended gin that stands up on it’s own.

Kole McRae

One comment on “Unfiltered Gin 22 by Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers, a Review

  • Just an FYI. Gin traditionally isn’t made with juniper berries so much as it’s flavoured with Juniper berries. Typically it’s a neutral spirit, made from grain, that is then either steam distilled through the botanicals or otherwise infused with them in some other way.

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