If you have ever been to The Only Cafe in the east end you know it isn’t exactly ‘large.’ In fact, the first time I saw it I thought it was a crap hole. My whole world was changed the day I actually went in and discovered the place had over 20 taps.

This weekend (November 7th starting at 5pm) they are having their fall beer fest. This fest has over 30 breweries taking part and is sure to be extra toasty as far too many people try to cram into a tiny place.

There will most definitely be a huge selection of pumpkin ales, Octoberfest beers and a at the very least a few stouts to warm you up.

They also mention that they’ll have food from Caplansky’s and Big House Pizza.


Kole McRae

2 comments on “The Only Cafe – Fall Beer Fest

  • just wondering…
    if someone described your website as looking like a “craphole”, how would you feel?
    Probably not the best choice of opening paragraphs.

    • If that was their first impression I’d work on improving the design or at the very least find out if other’s had the same first instinct. Thanks for your thoughts. Not everything we’re going to say will be positive.

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