IMG_0099Good afternoon Booze Hounds.

Today is the day!

The big day where Kathleen Wynne announces the “sweeping” changes to beer sales in Ontario. Buckle your belts, cause if the hype is true, we may finally be coming out of the beer dark ages.


1) Beer can now be sold in grocery stores. No, not all of them. Not even most of them. It’ll be 450 of them. I guess that’s an improvement.

2) There will be new publicly owned boutiques for specialty products such as single malt scotch and craft beer. An improvement I would say.

3) 10 LCBO stores will be allowed to sell 12 and 24-packs of beer. Yes… 10 of them.

4) The Beer Store, LCBO and supermarkets will all sell beer at the same price.

5) The LCBO will now sell growlers. That’s just awesome!

There are some other changes that bar owners will probably be interested in but those 5 are the big ones that would affect consumers the most.

This is certainly a step forward, but not the giant leap that was promised to us.

Oh, and for the wine lovers out there it was mentioned that super markets should get wine as well to go with the beer but they basically aren’t ready yet as it is “complicated.”

Kole McRae

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