We had a plan this weekend! It was to have a night of wonderful Asian style salads. We had an issue though: we needed to find the perfect wine to pair with them! We needed something fruity, but not over the top and maybe a little spicy. Shawna suggested a Gewürztraminer, which is a grape varietal… Read More

We’re fans of the folks at Rosewood Estates. They are a VQA vineyard that is based in the Niagara region. One unique little tid-bit is that they are beekeepers along with wine makers. This makes total sense as great bees help make great grapes. It also means they end up with a great selection of meads!… Read More

Lets be honest, we purchased this wine because of the moose on the bottle. It screamed Canadian to us and we’re suckers for a bit of Canadiana. Konzelmann Estate Winery is based out of the Niagara region. They claim they make Germanic whites (and complex reds!) which is a style I can get behind. It’s… Read More