You may have noticed that we haven’t posted as many “previews” this year as in past summers. To be honest we just haven’t had as much time to go to events as we used to. We don’t write about an event unless we go to it so we have paired down how many of these… Read More

This review is coming a little bit late, this is mostly due to the fact that I was on my honeymoon in Thailand for a few weeks, so I hope you can let my lateness slide a bit… Let’s have a chat about the Toronto Cider Festival. We’ve been friends with them since their inception… Read More

We write about beer a lot. Too much to be honest. We try to write about everything else (such as wine, whisky and the like) but beer just takes up all of our time. This is mostly because beer is what this city is great at. It’s exciting though that we will be attending the… Read More