Collingwood Brewery – their beers are available at 68 establishments, 76 LCBO’s, and as of a few months ago, directly from their tasting room. Admittedly, I have never really heard much about this brewer until I stumbled upon its captivating can design while walking the OCB aisle at the LCBO in Barrie. I have a… Read More

There’s been a big hullabaloo about the Beer Store recently and with just cause: The Beer Store isn’t even Canadian owned and it has a monopoly on bulk beer sales. There’s been lots of conversation about that topic, including a great post by Ben Johnson here. So I won’t reiterate. We need to think bigger… Read More

Edit: You can view the document itself by clicking here.  Edit #2: The beer store responds, take it as you will. They mention that they don’t make profit and operate on a break even basis… This is because they don’t need to make profit, they are owned by the big three who make money on the… Read More